Keeping Clean During Covid

News about the Coronavirus is practically inescapable these days. The virus has seemed to come from out of nowhere and is causing many people to panic. And although there are still many questions about the virus, one thing is certain – It is communicable. Thus, it is important for people who work around others, and this is most of us, to know how to create as safe and as hygienic a workplace as we can. Here are few tips for leverage your plant’s Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) tools so that you can improve employee safety as well as that of the surrounding community

  • Establish a comprehensive hygiene and safety program: Be sure to create a well-documented program that addresses the problem of occupational hygiene and communicate this to all employees. Codify these rules so that workers know the priority you are placing on reducing workplace contagions.
  • Work on improving air quality: Many contagions use the air we breathe as their medium of transmission. Thus, the employer should consider installing filters and cleaning the vents around the plant. Also, employers should consider having their carpets cleaned and vacuumed using equipment with HEPA filters.
  • Set up hand sanitation areas: Most employees will take occupational hygiene seriously if they understand that their employer is also serious about the issue. Thus, one step you can take is to set up hand sanitation areas throughout your plant. Encourage employees to frequently use these stations and to wash after using the restrooms in your business.
  • Regularly re-evaluate your approach: Even if you already have a good industrial hygiene program already in place, it is a good idea to reassess it periodically especially in light of new challenges such as the aforementioned Coronavirus. Also, take this time to reacquaint employees with the rules you have in place. Let them know that your efforts are designed with their health and the health of the general public in mind.
  • Use the proper PPE: Where applicable make sure that employees use personal protective equipment such as masks, goggles, gloves, etc. Remember, that it only takes an instant for contagion to be transmitted from one employee to another.

We hope that the above tips will help you improve industrial hygiene at your business. We can also help make your plant safer by supply you with one of our sturdy underground fertilizer tanks or chemical tanks. We have tanks that are sturdy and will keep the contents you place in them secure assuming that you follow all other precautions as listed above.