Rainwater Harvesting

Most people in the United States take water for granted. In other parts of the world, where clean, usable water is not as common, most people do not. People in many parts of the world are unable to simply flip on a faucet and have running water available to them 24/7. Many of them collect rainwater to fulfill their needs. However, this ancient idea has merit even in our “civilized” culture as many people can know. Below are just a few reasons people choose to use rainwater – and some of the benefits they reap from this decision.

  • It reduces groundwater contamination:

    Storm water runoff is a significant source of groundwater pollution. Chemicals such as pesticides, oils, etc, flow towards and into our lakes rivers and other bodies of water every day. Moreover, much of this runoff can also contaminate our streets, sidewalks, etc. Collecting rainwater reduces the amount of runoff that enters the environment. In addition to our underground fiberglass water tanks, we also sell corrosion-resistant, above ground rainwater tanks.

  • It lowers water bills:

    By colleting the water that nature provides us with, you can decrease your tap water usage and replace it with this free resource. This can save help to reduce you water bill. This is very important when applied to industrial settings and farms which spend a great deal water.

  • The water collected has multiple uses:

    Depending on the size of your tank and how much water you’ve collected, rainwater can be used to water your lawn, wash your car, flush your toilet, etc. If you desire to drink the water you harvest, you will need some way to purify it since rainwater does pick up dust particles, etc., as it passes through the atmosphere.

  • Can improve plant growth:

    Rainwater is free of the pollutants and additives that are often found in tap water such as fluoride, cadmium, salts, etc.

As you can see, the use of a rainwater harvesting system provides the user with a number of benefits. Now that you’ve seen how it can make a difference for the planet, why not give this free and convenient method of using water a try? We have a fiberglass water tank and several made of resin that can help you harvest nature’s gift.