Fire Protection For All

Fire protection for rural locations that are off the water grid and require extensive fire protection. 

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Fire Suppression Tanks

The versatility of fiberglass tanks makes them ideal for commercial fire protection applications. As concerns continue to grow about water shortages in many parts of the United States, municipalities and facility owners continue to search for ways to better manage their water resources. Water storage for fire suppression systems is one specific application where mechanical and fire protection engineers across the country are searching for reliable, cost-effective storage options to hold thousands of gallons of water. Historically, fiberglass underground storage tanks have been used in the petroleum industry to safely store motor fuels and other petroleum products at thousands of retail, government and commercial fueling facilities throughout North America. The petroleum industry is highly regulated and most customers will consider only tanks meeting third-party listing standards with proven records of reliability. Designers of fire protection systems can confidently select a fiberglass water tank installed above or below grade based on decades of use storing hazardous and flammable liquids. Specifying engineers typically have few choices when it comes to materials of construction for water storage tanks. Selecting the proper water tank is an important long-term decision.

Fire suppression tanks

Fire Suppression Tanks 

  • We are members of NFPA and follow all NFPA 22 codes
  • Fire suppression tanks built to ASTM D4097, ASTM D3299 Standards using NSF 61 approved resins with UV inhibitors
  • Nexus liner in every tank
  • Water tested for 24 hours to maximum capacity
  • Non-corrosive Boran-free
  • E-glass
  • Chop Glass Uni-
  • Directional Winding Glass
  • 24oz Woven Glass