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Nationwide Tank and Pipe is one of Americas largest manufacturers of industrial fiberglass storage tanks. Download our manufacturing brochure here.

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Here you can easily find a storage tank by browsing by category. Click through to view both our above and below ground options. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Belowground Storage Tanks

We produce some of the worlds strongest belowground storage tanks. From fresh water to wastewater, we have you covered; literally.

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The Benefits of Fiberglass

  • Fiberglass tanks have a long history of use in applications where watertight design integrity is critical, including extensive use in the storage of motor fuels. Leak-free performance is essential when it comes to fire protection water storage.
  • Installation steps and costs are minimized by the lightweight nature of fiberglass since expensive heavy-lifting equipment generally is not necessary. This also is an important consideration when tank installation sites are difficult to access.
  • Large capacity tanks, up to 60,000 gal. Sizes generally required in fire protection systems, are factory-manufactured products that provide superior quality control processes vs. fabricating a tank on site where it is subject to varying weather conditions and manufacturing controls.
  • A fiberglass tank can be designed for dual-purpose use, with a common example being fire protection standby as well as potable water. A fiberglass tank can be ordered with a National Sanitation Foundation listing for potable applications.


Tank Accessories

  • Baffles 
  • Fiberglass manways 
  • Fiberglass collars and extensions 
  • Flanged nozzles 
  • FRP risers for access openings 
  • Watertight riser covers  
  • Threaded full couplings 
  • Hold down straps
  • Concrete deadmen and anchors
  • Tank ladders (Straight & Caged) 
  • Top Circular Railing 
  • Walkway Stairs 
  • Hand Rails 
  • Fill/Draw pipes 
  • Pump platforms 
  • Dry hydrants and strainers 
  • Vent/level indicators 
  • Fill assemblies 

Our tanks can be lined with your choice of color gel coat.